BanG Dream! – S02E04


Episode Synopsis

Magnificent! Dynamic!! A Carefree World!
Gōka! Gokai!? Nobbinobi Wārudo! (ゴーカ!ごーかい!?のっびのびワールド!)

Kasumi wants to fly during a performance and Kokoro is determined to help her accomplish this! Nothing can possibly go wrong with this plan, right?

(Source: HIDIVE)

BanG Dream! - S02E04

BanG Dream! Season 2

Kasumi and the rest of Poppin’Party may have achieved their goal, but it turns out they were just at the starting line! Performing is a lot of work, and they’re not the only band in town! Do they have what it takes to reach true musical stardom?

(Source: HIDIVE)

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