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Thank you for keeping Anicake alive! We’ll be releasing our funding summary in early January.

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Help us keep the site up by supporting us! Every penny you send us gets into a jar that will be broken whenever we need to pay for domain/server costs, and also to upgrade our infrastructure, helping you watch anime better! You can donate any amount you want, every little helps! We have many payment methods for you to use, so it’s all good!

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Bitcoin Address:  18VVorKfu3AtK7uSbg4ARNts6zguKTxyYU

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Dogecoin Address: DPmJsbbS6BaegsqoUj7ZLMXqfyztwWMjaB

If you want to donate but have a different cryptocurrency, DM us via @watchanicake on social media or send us an email over at [email protected](.)com, and we’ll give you an address to donate for the cryptocurrency you have~

Don’t know how to buy cryptocurrency?

It’s actually super easy nowadays to do that! Simply head on over to and you can then easily donate to us, no issue! Why cryptocurrency? It allows us to keep operating Anicake anonymously without issue.

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If you donate 1-5 USD, you are entitled to upvotes per USD in our Requests tracker.
Every 6 USD you donate, you are entitled to a pushed priority request in the Requests tracker, including a gold Anicake VIP tag in the Anicake Discord server.
To get these perks, please send us an email at [email protected](.)com with your crypto address so we can verify your payment and so that you can send your requests.

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