Pop Team Epic – E05


Episode Synopsis

Imo☆Yoba (イモ☆ヨバ)

Iyo Sakuragi becomes step-siblings with her admired upperclassman Hojo after their parents, portrayed by Popuko and Pipimi, get married. Other skits include a cooking show hosted by Popuko and Pipimi showcasing a simmered dish (煮), Pipimi literally growing with affection for Popuko, and Popuko doing a poor impression of Mickey Mouse.

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Pop Team Epic - E05

Pop Team Epic

Pop Team Epic turns absurdist comedy up to eleven with its pop culture references and surreal hilarity. With two bonafide high school girl protagonists—the short and exceptionally quick to anger Popuko, and the tall and unshakably calm Pipimi—they throw genres against the wall and don’t wait to see what sticks. Parody is interlaced with drama, action, crudeness, and the show’s overarching goal—to become a real anime.

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