The story of Anicake

The story of Anicake      The story of Anicake

So here’s the story of Anicake: It started out as an idea called “AnimeCAKE”. There was also this other idea that AnimeCAKE was just a chunk of the hugely planned “VideoCAKE Network”, a platform expanding out to other media streaming. Why that name? Still got no idea to this day.

It was a very idealistic approach to addressing the general problems with a lot of anime streaming sites at the time: annoying ads, watermarks, limited quality and subtitle options, and terrible experience in mobile. Not to mention that you had to pay for an experience just as bad?

This idea started out in the summer of 2015. I never got anywhere with it, and I didn’t even manage to make a single video page prototype. I just didn’t have the skills and technology to accomplish this at the time. Nor the WordPress sleuthing and knowledge. Nor the computing power and internet speed to supply an extensive anime library. I still don’t have the rendering power, but I can manage now. I had to shelf the project until I can get to a point where it was possible for me to do it.

This infographic down here was designed in 2016.

The story of Anicake

In 2018, I decided, why not go into the design aspect of how I imagine it to be? So I mocked up the best elements of other video streaming sites (and Material Design) and made what is mostly a YouTube player copycat, but this is just a prototype mockup. Also I did a bit of rebranding, now calling it Anicake (for easy pronunciation) and using a different font. Kinda looks like Unity’s old logo, but that’s what I’m going for right now. My idea hasn’t been fully realized yet, and it’s gonna take a lot of free time, but yeah, I’m liking the look of this, even though this only took me 3 hours thanks to using a new software called Adobe XD.

The story of Anicake

The story of Anicake

I then became inspired to restart work on the project. And here we are now.

But for now, it’s just a little WordPress site running a video-based theme with the videos served by Google Drive with no ads. I make no money from this. This is all just free service from me to you.

Ad-free for free, that will always be the tagline of this site. And that’s what you guys, the dedicated otakus who have undergone countless garbage ads and site bs to watch anime, truthfully and rightfully deserve.

Welcome to Anicake, make yourself at home~


-Yours truly, the Anicake admin senpai. Uguu always.


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