What is Anicake?

Anime ad-free for free.

We’re sick and tired of everyone’s crap. Anime is supposed to be the medium that brings us together to share what’s possible: wonder, imagination, creativity, stories, and genius. Yet the very people who deliver anime to you only want one thing: money.

Whether it’s the back-room licensing deals of Crunchyroll and Netflix, or the constant barrage of ads by KissAnime, whether legal or illegal, everyone’s being a dick. So we built Anicake to deliver anime to you for nothing, no questions asked. We believe that the future of watching anime should be one where you, the viewer, are comfortable, honored, and respected.

A ghetto homebrew anime streaming site.

Anicake started off from a computer desk, and has now grown into a site getting 20,000 active visitors per month. We built Anicake using free stuff and tools we can just botch together to form an anime site. It’s not the best one, but it works good enough. We do our best to include features you may want out of an anime streaming site, like dark mode, episode navigation, and PWA support.

We don’t have the financial backing of the big guys. But we want to prove to everyone that anyone can make an anime site if they put the effort and passion in.

A stage for fansubbers.

Netflix and Crunchyroll, even with their millions of dollars, can’t even fund proper subbing for anime. Anicake is a home for anime with the best fansubs available. Custom fonts and designs, karaoke subtitling, sign subtitling; if the community has built the best, then Anicake is the place to show it off. We will not be stopped by players or DVD subtitling limitations to show the power of beautiful subbing.

A place for you.

In every episode we have a comments section. We have social media pages too. But you know what else we have? A community requests section. If there’s an anime we don’t have, then you can request it to be included in the site! If it’s an obscure anime, or ignored in the season, request it! We will find it, watch it, and deliver it to Anicake.

We built an anime site, so you don’t have to. That’s why we want to make Anicake the best place possible for you, as if you built your own anime site.

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